• Join us tomorrow at 1pm ET for a #Chicagoland TweetChat, 'Saving a city'

    The CNN Original Series "Chicagoland" is a nonscripted, eight-part series about America's greatest heartland city. The series explores where politics and policy meet real people's lives -- in a city generating change and innovation in social policy, education and public safety. This week's episode focuses on solutions, This week's episode focuses on solutions, so we are inviting you discuss ways the issues facing American cities their residents.

    CNN has partnered with The Urban Institute for this discussion, and we'll be talking with Susan Popkin, who studies neighborhoods, youth and poverty, and Jocelyn Fontaine, who focuses on community-based crime reduction programs. You can join the conversation on Friday, March 28, at 1 p.m. ET.

    To take part in our TweetChat, simply log in to Twitter, search #Chicagoland and join the conversation.

    Key Twitter handles for the chat include:





    Join us at 1 p.m. ET Friday to share your experiences, thoughts and ideas. We'll be featuring the conversation on

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