Pennsylvania school stabbing

Pennsylvania school stabbing

 Parents and students embrace near Franklin Regional High School after this morning's stabbing spree.

A 16-year-old male student is
in custody after authorities say he went through hallways and classrooms with two knives, wounding at least 19 students and one adult at Franklin Regional High School in
Murrysville, Pennsylvania, outside Pittsburgh.

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  • Injuries "quite serious"

    A doctor at Forbes Regional Hospital in Monroeville, Pennsylvania says several students are being treated there, and some of their injuries "are clearly life-threatening."
  • Details on suspect

    He's a male sophomore, said Dan Stevens, spokesman for Westmoreland County Department of Public Safety. He couldn't provide the suspect's age or name right now.
  • Guard, principal disarmed student

    We're hearing from our affiliate, KDKA in Pittsburgh, that a security guard and an assistant principal wrestled two knives away from the suspect.

  • Some good news

    A doctor at Forbes Regional Hospital says the students with life-threatening injuries should recover, according to our affiliate WPXI.

  • No firearms

    There were no guns involved in the incident, and all injuries are stabbing-related, said the Westmoreland County Department of Public Safety spokesman, Dan Stevens. So, we're talking lacerations, punctures and the like.
  • Wounds 'significant'

    Right now, one of the stabbing victims is being prepped for surgery at Forbes Regional Hospital's trauma center, said the center's director, Dr. Chris Kaufmann. Seven teens and an adult are receiving treatment there for a variety of wounds, including injuries to the torso, abdomen, chest and back.

    "None of these are superficial wounds.
    All of these are significant stab wounds, every one," Kaufmann said.

    Five of the victims are being evaluated to determine if they, too, will require surgery.
  • Suspect cuffed after 'interaction'

    It would appear it took quite a scuffle to disarm the teen suspect. We're hearing that a school resource officer helped take him down, actually putting him cuffs after a principal had an "interaction" with the suspect.

    We're awaiting more details on that interaction, but now, Murrysville Police Chief Thomas Seefeld tells reporters that a school resource officer is among the injured. He's being treated at Forbes hospital.
    We're not sure if it's the same officer who handcuffed the suspect.

    The suspect was injured as well and is being treated for injuries to his hands, the chief says.

  • A frantic call

    Parent Morris Hundley told our affiliate WTAE that his daughter called him in a panic this morning after the attack.

    “Some kids got stabbed here in the school,” she told him. "Get down here now."

    Hundley spoke while waiting to pick up his daughter, who was still inside the school building. 

  • More good news

    So, an adult patient was discharged with superficial wounds, according to a Pittsburgh hospital. Police have said only one adult -- a school resource officer -- was injured.

  • Chaotic scene at Forbes

    At 7:30 this morning, when the incident took place, an adult and seven male victims between the ages of 15 and 17 were rushed to Forbes Regional Hospital, says Chief Medical Officer Mark Rubino.

    Now, almost four hours later, three of those victims -- all of whom sustained severe injuries -- are still in the operating room, Rubino says. The other five are being evaluated.

    Their wounds can be characterized as puncture or stab wounds, mostly to the lower abdomen, he says.

  • Some victims going home

    Four students have already been treated and sent home from UPMC East, the hospital tweeted. 

    Patients were sent to at least five hospitals in the area, with the most seriously injured now being treated at  Forbes Regional Hospital Trauma Center. 
  • Stories of heroes coming?

    We're hoping for more details soon, but our affiliate WPXI is reporting that some of the students at Forbes hospital may be heroes, according to a doctor there. It appears they may have been injured protecting other students from the stabbing suspect.
  • Some students let out

    We know many students and staff were held on campus while the emergency teams did their work at what's now a crime scene.

    Now we're seeing signs that some areas are being cleared, with students leaving the campus, parents arriving and families being reunited.

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  • Hospital response

    Teamwork ruled the day at Forbes Regional Hospital, according Dr. Chris Kaufmann, director of the trauma center. As the victims from the school rolled in, operating rooms were prepped as "physicians of almost every specialty" rushed to respond, he said.

    Among those chipping in were anesthesiologists, surgeons, emergency physicians and 20 nurses, Kaufmann says.

  • Police visit home

    Now, officers with the Murrysville Police Department are arriving at the suspect's home, according to our affiliate KDKA.

  • Stabbing, fire alarm, then chaos

    Little by little details are coming out that are giving us a fuller picture of what happened at Franklin Regional Senior High this morning.

    We still don't know what sparked the attack, but it seems a quick-thinking student pulled the fire alarm to raise the alert and get everyone out. 

    Pulling the alarm "probably assisted with evacuating the school," Police Chief Thomas Seefeld.

    "The first thing you want the students to do is to run.
    And upon my arrival and the arrival of the other officers, that's what we saw -- a chaotic scene outside, with people running everywhere.

  • Hero details

    A female student applied pressure to one of the victims' wounds, possibly helping to save his life, said Forbes hospital's chief medical officer, Dr. Mark Rubino.
  • 'Stabbing kids as they were going by....'

    We're getting the first picture of how the students were stabbed and the suspect was disarmed and put in handcuffs.

    At about 7:15 a.
    m., the 16-year-old suspect -- armed with two knives -- began "walking down the hall stabbing kids as they were going by" before two security guards and a principal subdued him, says
    Mark Drear, head of the school's security company.

    Two security guards were situated "right there when it happened" and saw the incident unfolding, he said. Meanwhile, someone pulled a fire alarm, and students flooded out of the school where a third security guard was on parking lot duty.

    That guard went inside and saw a colleague and a school staff member wrestling with the suspect, so he "ran over and assisted them and fortunately got the weapons off the suspect," Drear says.

    One security guard was stabbed in the tussle, Drear said. That report contradicts an earlier report that the only adult admitted to the hospital suffered from a medical condition rather than a stabbing-related injury.

  • Two in intensive care

    There are still four patients in "critical, serious" condition after this morning's stabbing incident, says Dr. Timothy VanFleet of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center's emergency department. One of those patients is in intensive care at Childrens Hospital of Pittsburgh, and another is in intensive care at UPMC Presbyterian, the doctor says.
  • 'Multiple victims here'

    A police officer instructed backup to enter through the front door of the school, take the first hallway on the right and go halfway down the hall, according to audio from the police radio released to CNN.

    "We've got multiple victims here. We need ambulances here as soon as possible," an officer said, informing his colleagues that a sole suspect was already in custody.

  • Delayed reaction

    Some of the students injured in this morning's school stabbing didn't realize they were wounded until they saw their own blood, according to Dr. Timothy VanFleet at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center's emergency department.

    VanFleet treated six of the patients and told CNN's Ashleigh Banfield, "They just felt pain and noticed they were bleeding. Almost all of them said they didn't see anyone coming at them. ... It apparently was a crowded hallway and they were going about their business, and then just felt pain and started bleeding."
  • Vigil planned

  • Student witness: 'Blood was gushing'

    Mia Meixner, a student who saw the stabbing has just had an incredibly powerful interview on CNN with our colleague Wolf Blitzer.

    by Rachel Clarke

    Here’s how she described this morning’s horror.

    I was at my locker and I heard a big commotion from behind my back. I turned around and I saw two kids on the ground and I thought it was just a fight at first. And then I saw blood. And I saw the kid who was stabbing people get up and run away.

    Then the freshman who was on the ground got up and lifted up his shirt and you could see he was like hit with a knife and was gushing blood everywhere. Three kids from our school ran over to his aid, they were like all right we need to get a nurse and started screaming. So they took him to the nurse.

    And then there was a senior girl who I know, she also was like in the crossfire of him stabbing people and so she was standing by the cafeteria doors and I think I was the first to see her and she was gushing blood down her arm.

    I dropped my books that I was holding and I ran over to her and I asked her if she was OK and if she needed help and I told her we should take her to the nurse and we would get her help. 

    Then I started hearing a stampede of students coming down from the other end of the hall screaming “Get out!” “We need to leave!” “There’s a kid with a knife!” and then a teacher came over to me and the girl I was trying to help and she said she would handle the girl and that I should run out. And I just ran out of the school and tried to get out as soon as possible. 

    Mia said this of the suspect, a 16-year-old sophomore: 

    He was very quiet. He just was kind of doing it and he had a look on his face like he was just crazy. He was just running around stabbing whoever was in his way.

    Mia has had classes with the suspect. She said: “He was more shy, he kept to himself a lot. He didn't have that many friends that I know of but I also don’t know of him getting bullied that much, I've actually never heard of him getting bullied. He just was kind of shyer and didn’t talk to many people.” 

    Mia told Wolf: “I’m getting along, I’m OK with everything that happened. It’s very scary and it’s scary that it happened at my school because you would never have thought that anything like this would happen at our school like this but I’m dealing with it well. I’ll be OK.
  • Injury updates

    Several students have been released by area hospitals, but we're hearing there are still some patients in serious condition. Here's a rundown from the hospitals, courtesy of Debra Goldschmidt from CNN's medical team:
    • A 17-year-old at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Presbyterian just got out of the operating room, where he was treated for stab wounds to his chest and abdomen. He's now in the intensive care unit.
    • Childrens Hospital has five patients, including a 14-year-old with a stab wound to his chest. A 16- and 17-year-old are in serious condition; the 17-year-old was stabbed in the chest, the 16-year-old in the right arm. Two more are in fair condition: a 17-year-old with a stab wound in his left arm, and a 17-year-old with a stab wound in her right hand.
    • UPMC Mercy discharged a man with superficial wounds.
    • UPMC East has a 17-year-old undergoing treatment for facial wounds in the emergency room. The student will likely be discharged today. Four other victims -- three 15-year-old boys and a 16-year-old girl -- have been discharged.
    • Forbes Regional Hospital released a man after treatment, and seven teens remain at the medical center.
    • Allegheny General has treated and released one female patient.
  • Knife just missed heart

    A teen in intensive care has more surgeries ahead of him, according to our affiliate WPXI.
    The student, a baseball player at the high school, is the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center's most serious case, as Dr. Louis Alarcon told the station that when the suspect stabbed him in the chest, it missed his aorta by mere millimeters. The 17-year-old will require multiple surgeries, though, as he did sustain a liver injury.

  • Security guard ID'd

    William “Buzz” Yakshe has been identified as the school resource officer who helped subdue the 16-year-old suspect, says Dan Stevens, spokesman for the Westmoreland County
    Department of Public Safety.
    Yakshe is “doing fine," Stevens told CNN's Shimon Prokupecz. “He’s more upset than anything else over what happened because these are his kids.

    A photo of William “Buzz” Yakshe from the Murrysville Police Department website.

    According to the Murrysville Police Department's website, school resource officers receive specialized training from the National Association of School Resource Officers. Yakshe has worked for the Franklin Regional School District for five years. He is one of fewer than six school resource officers with advanced certification in Pennsylvania.
  • Hoodies become tourniquets

    Matt DeCesare had just walked out of the high school after hearing the fire alarm. He thought it was a fire drill, but he soon noticed a sense of urgency among those filing out the school doors, he told CNN. He described the vibe as, “Everyone get out now. Get where you need to go. This is more serious.

    First, he saw a student or two covered in blood, then he saw teachers pulling students out. One had on white pants "covered in blood and it was truly terrifying." The teachers quickly asked the surrounding students for their hoodies.

    So everyone around me, we all took our hoodies off and handed them to the teachers to use as tourniquets to stop the bleeding.
    It looked like that definitely helped. I couldn't really see. The teachers blocked the students a little bit because it was not good to look at. I didn't want to look but from what is could see that was very effective.

    DeCesare said there was no warning before the violence. He's heard students speculating that the suspect was acting differently this week, "but they were just guessing. It just occurred to them now, sort of an afterthought."

    One of his close friends was stabbed three times in the back while trying to run away from the suspect.  

    "I was just texting and talking to him on Twitter," DeCesare said.
    "After being taken to the hospital, he seems to be doing OK now, and he said that he expects to be released by later today, they say, or early tomorrow. Something like that."
  • Knife described

    We're still striving to find out more about the knives the suspect used in the stabbings. Mia Meixner, a student who witnessed two of her schoolmates being stabbed, said she didn't see the knives herself, but friends described them to her, saying "that they were large and they looked like rulers." Now, doctors are telling reporters the blade on one of the knives was at least an inch wide, according to our affiliate WPXI.

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